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The Heart of Dixie. I have fired hundreds of 405 gr cast bullets over 27/5744 in 45-70 rifles of various types for years with outstanding results. This is a BP (or a little hotter) level load. Larger 5744 doses can be used for strong actions, but I usually go with other powders for stiff loads.

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A slight bell to the mouth of .45-70 cases (left) prevents shaving the soft heel of the Gould's bullet. Trimming cases to the same length placed an exact amount of crimp on the bullets. For a deer hunting load, it was a toss up between 48.0 grains of IMR-3031 or 54.0 grains of Varget with the Gould's bullet.6,068. 13.0 of Red Dot ("the load") gets 1120 fps with the Lee 405 FN in my 22 inch Microgroove Marlin. When their hollowbase version of the same weight is substituted, the deeper seating in the case picks up more velocity, to 1250 fps, just like you'd expect with fast powder and reduced powder space. Good accuracy.18 Sept 2018 ... In this video I show you my test reloads in 45-70 Gov. with an lead cast HP bullet (NOE mold) and Vihtavuori N130.It was my assumption that this is the same powder used in the factory LeverRevolution loads for 44 mag and 45/70 since the names and artwork are the same. Hornady LeverRevolution factory ammo does in fact work quite nicely in my 44 mag and 45/70 guns. It appears this is not the same powder, but this is quite confusing on …

Compressed *Crimping is not required for single shot rifles. *This data is intended for use only in Ruger #1 & #3 rifles in good condition. Do not use this data in any other type of firearm. *The SAAMI MAP value for this cartridge is 28,000 psi.When looking at the 45-70 data the data for that 400gr bullet is very very similar to the Lyman 405gr bullet. So, I figured it should also be very similar in in the 45-90. I measured out their starting charge today to see what case fill would look like and it's a pretty poor case fill with a large amount of space between powder and bullet.

45-70 405 gr RNFP. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings. ( customer reviews) $ 16.50 - $ 63.00. 405 grain 45-70 bullets for handloading or reloading. This 45 cal RNFP hard cast bullet is very accurate in the 45-70, perfect for lever action rifles as well as single shots. The 405 gr bullet has a long history as being one of the ....45-70 Government (Trapdoor Rifles) (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 94 loads. Using bullets from Cast LFP, Sierra HP. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR

The following is the process that I have found to be an effective approach to reloading 45-70 “Black Powder” shells. First let me reiterate that I enjoy the nostalgia of shooting a rifle that is well over a century old. It is kind of like being able to go shooting with my grandfather. I also enjoy the sound, smoke, muzzle blast and recoil followed by a perceptibly delayed …Protein powder smoothies have become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. Packed with essential nutrients and a convenient way to increa...Hey Jerry, In my CB, have found that 14.0gr of Universal Clays and the 405gr LFP, is a great combo. Will state flat out, Universal Clays is the best propellant for cast bullets, in 38/357, 44mag, 45LC, and 45/70.Loads for .45/70: (Note: These are near MAXIMUM loads, you should use 10% less to start.) (See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.) Bullet sizes vary from .458″ for jacketed to .459″ for some lead in diameter. Due to different barrel lengths, type of bullet, seating depth, primer type4198 is a common accepted "Standard" powder. 45/70 has plenty of latitude in loads, but I don't know I'd run anything with H335. That's pretty stout for a lever gun. Start with some mouse fart loads, Trail Boss works real well. My Henry doesn't care for really warm loads; the accuracy drops pretty dramatically.

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The Barnes VOR-TX 300-grain TSX .45-70 Government load is a great power level 2 offering. The new Federal HammerDown load was tested extensively in blocks of Clear Ballistics and on feral hogs. This bullet expands wide and creates a massive wound cavity thoroughly sufficient for anything sized from hogs to moose.

What is your favorite powder for the 45-70 shooting a405 grain cast bullet? Like. Sort by Oldest first. C. cpt-t. 151 posts · Joined 2014. #2 · Jul 25, 2016. 45LCRIFLE: Imr 3031 is my favorite powder and Hard Cast 405gr RNFP Bullets are my favorite bullets. ken. THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, IS NOT FREE. CPL Lou and johnz. Like. N. nsb.Trailboss is a light, fluffy, fast burning powder that's perfect for plinking in the 45-70.Jun 22, 2002 · The best powder that I've ever found for the .45-70 (1895 Marlin) is Hodgdon's H322. I load home cast 385 GR GC bullets to 1800 FPS. It is amazingly clean, consistent and accurate. I'm getting 2 inch three shot groups at 100 yards. (BTW, this loads kicks like a Missouri mule!)In medium and large bores like the .375 H&H or .45-70, "The Load" gives typical black powder ballistics for the bore. A 255-265 gr. cast bullet in the .375 H&H approximates the .38-55 at 1330 f.p.s. Soft 300- 405-gr. cast bullets are pushed at 1300-1350 f.p.s. from a 22" barrel .45-70, sporter are very effective on deer at woods ranges.85 posts · Joined 2016. #1 · Oct 11, 2017. I was interested in buying a .45-70 more or less in the traditional style. In looking I don't see much mention of whether they shoot only black powder cartridge or if they can shoot the modern off the shelf loads which I assume are loaded with smokeless powder. I am mainly looking to shoot the BP.The .45-70 I get from Defender is loaded with a 350gr bullet, powder unknown, primer unknown, and Starline brass. The ammo ships in reusable 20 round plastic boxes. It is $1 per round. This is my source of Starline brass.H 322 IS THE BEST POWDER FOR 45/70 , ESPECIALLY WITH 350+ GR BULLETS. RE 7 RUNS A CLOSE 2ND. BENCHMARK IS REAL CLOSE TO H322 IN TERMS OF BURN RATE, PROBABLY WILL WORK OK..

My go to powder for the 45-70 Marlin has been 49.0 grains of IMR 4198 and the Barnes 300 grain TSX FB (hollow point bullet) @ around 2200fps. I was using 49.5 grains, but... found it to be a bit more of a load than I cared to put through vintage 1895 Marlins. Besides "dead is dead", killing what I am hunting is my goal, destroying the weapon is not the plan.Jul 16, 2012. #3. Re: Uberti/Sharpes 45-70 Black powder load. It can be dangerous to leave an air gap between the black powder and the bullet. You can get some high pressures. Fill the case with enough powder to be slightly compressed. With modern brass, a 405 gr cast bullet, you will use about 60-65 gr of FF.Its time to buy some powder, what would be YOUR choice for use in both 30-30 and 45-70? I would be shooting them in my M94 and Marlin Guide gun.7363 posts · Joined 2009. #2 · Oct 2, 2021. I only loaded 45-70 in my 1895 Marlin which is a strong gun and there were special loads published for the 1895 Marlin. I used both 38-42 gr of IMR 4198 and 52-55 gr of H322 behind Speer 400 gr FN. The heavy H322 loads required a lot of compression of the ball powder.Exactly, 12 grains of Unique works in the 45/70 with all bullets I cast and shoot in my Marlin 1895. (Made by Remington, oh no!) Photo attached shows two of the bullets with 12 grains of Unique, top group of five is the NOE 405 FP, lower Ideal 457122 HP both sized .459 with Ben’s Red. Distance is 50 yards.23. 0. Several good powders for 45-70, included those mentioned. I use IMR 4198 both for down-loaded hard cast bullets as well as hotter jacketed bullet loads in my Ruger #1. I will soon be trying AA5744 for heavy cast bullets in a Pedersoli Sharps (Lyman 1878 Creedmoor version of 1877 Sharps). 5744 was recommended by one of the guys at Penn ...The load was Winchester 748 powder in the amounts shown on the backer, same 350 grain bullet with a magnum primer. I didn't find any load data for 748 and a bullet lighter than 405 grains and what I found indicated a need for a magnum primer. ... The Varget is a good choice for the 45-70 (IMHO), but not as good as VithaVuori N133 or AA2015BR in ...

4. 45-70 loads with Titegroup Powder. I have be working up loads in my 45-70 (marlin1895) with Titegroup. Right now I have loaded and shot a 350 gr. cast bullet with 12.5 gr. of Titegroup. Oregon Trail has some loading data for Titegroup in leverguns. I am pleased with the results.The .45-70 fired a .45 caliber 405 grain projectile over 70 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of roughly 1200fps. The official military designation of the new cartridge was the .45-70-405.

The following is the process that I have found to be an effective approach to reloading 45-70 “Black Powder” shells. First let me reiterate that I enjoy the nostalgia of shooting a rifle that is well over a century old. It is kind of like being able to go shooting with my grandfather. I also enjoy the sound, smoke, muzzle blast and recoil followed by a perceptibly delayed …Full.Lead.Taco - In this video I show most of the steps from start to finish on how I make one of my favorite milk jug exploding 45-70 loads. All the details45-70 (gov't) for 300gr, JHP the start point is 57.0grs and max is 63.0grs which will slightly compress the powder. For 400gr Lead Cast the start point is 40.0grs and the max is 50.0grs. Lever guns need a roll crimp, single shot guns do not. I'm thinking that the less air space in the cartridge might improve performance...MP-5744 was a double-base military powder, made by Hercules. The Army didn't like it. When it hit the surplus market, it turned out that it worked well for cast bullet loads in large volume cases such as .30-06 and .45 …A. aalmcc4. 31 posts · Joined 2006. #5 · Dec 27, 2009. If loads with 1680 in the 45-70 is not listed by Accurate in their manuals, there must be a good reason. Burning speed is not the only criteria you should look at in picking powder. Nice medium loads in the 45-70 with cast bullets can be had with Reloader 7, and Accurate 5744.May 2007. Posts. 5,311. Those of slight frame or tender years might enjoy plinking with the .45-70 by using 9 grains of Unique and a .457 round ball pushed into the mouth of the cartridge. Care should be taken as to not touching the primer when pushing the RB in over a load of powder. Rather quiet and almost no recoil.Just like you'd expect with such a popular cartridge, Barnes produces .45-70 ammo featuring their legendary copper X-Bullet. Optimized for rapid expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration, this is an outstanding choice of .45-70 ammo for hunting black bear, moose, whitetail deer, feral hogs, and elk. It's also 100% copper, which makes the VOR-TX an ideal brand of lead free .45 ...2,621. I have hunted with 45-70s with barrels of between 18" and 30 inches in length. I also have a sharps target rifle with a 36 inch barrel. With an old Rolling block action I would keep my loads down to around 26000 psi Max which means around 1300 to 1450 fps with most powders I have used with a 420 gr bullet.The .45-70 designation refers to the round's .45 caliber (0.458 inches bullet diameter) and 70 grains of black powder load. The "Government" suffix denotes its original status as the standard-issued U.S. military round, which the .45-70 maintained for over 20 years from 1873 to 1894. The Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Rifle and newly developed ...

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Reloading .45-70 ammo involves the following steps: 1. Gather the necessary components such as brass cases, primers, powder, and bullets. 2. Clean and inspect brass cases for signs of damage. 3. Resize the cases using a resizing die. 4. Prime the cases with a primer.

Ramshot X-Terminator (#87) is on the slow burn end of gunpowders proven in the 45/70. (#74-#90) Look at Hodgdon's online load data for guidance as the 45/70 load data is represented for the three different action types. (Trap Door, Lever Action, and Bolt Action) Western Powders has data for Standard Pressure loads for the 45-70 in bullet ...Dec 7, 2018. 19. 4. Jan 16, 2019. #1. I am shooting a Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70. I just started reloading some of my rounds and started with 325 gr Hornady FTX bullets using H335 starting load 61 grains. Shot them and got the reloading bug. So I went out and bought 300 Gr Jacketed bullets (the only ones the store had left as they were out of ...Search Results for: "black powder 45 70" Hornady 45-70 Government 410 gr Sub-X Subsonic 20/Box $38.99 ($1.95 / round)Oct 17, 2017 · The data in CBH #3 with the Dacron wad will still be very close with the use of a Dacron filler. The use of 2400 with cast bullets at all levels in the 45-70 was dropped in the CBH #4 because they also dropped the use of the Dacron wad. Larry Gibson. “Deficient observation is merely a form of ignorance and responsible for the many morbid ...Howdy, I've been trying different powders in my 45-70 (Marlin 1895) and was wondering if anyone had some good loads for IMR 4198?Shot my Ruger No 1 in 45-70 today for the first time today. Lyman 385 grain plain base round nose sized .459 with 1.5 grains of dacron, standard primer and 33 grains of H4198. They averaged 1435 fps and showed excellent 100 yard accuracy with a New England peep sight. I was however surprised by the amount of unburned powder left in …I'm looking to load some 405 Gr, hard cast, 45-70 bullets for a friends Henry. I would like everyone's suggestions on powder type for this application in this pressure class of 45-70. Brass will be Starline, primer will be WLR, bullets will be 405 Gr Meister.Nothing is darker than a mau mau's moo moo. Re: 45-70 Black Powder/BP Substitute loads? Your best bet is to shoot TrailBoss powder, unless your heart is set on Black powder (subs). It's alot of fun to shoot these TB loads. Anyway here is a link to Hodgdon Triple 7 data:Jun 18, 2015 · It was my assumption that this is the same powder used in the factory LeverRevolution loads for 44 mag and 45/70 since the names and artwork are the same. Hornady LeverRevolution factory ammo does in fact work quite nicely in my 44 mag and 45/70 guns.H335 in my 45-70. Picked up a lb today and after researching 4 load books can't find a minimum load for a cast 400 grain bullet. I'm using a 385 to 390 grain bullet from my NOE mold gas checked. Most data found was people hot rodding a 300 grain jacketed bullet. Think the Lee manual was only book I had that showed any data and no cast.

I use Goex 3F and Cartridge in my 45-70 BP loads for my TDs with Lee 45-405-HBs and Rapine 460500s. My bullets are cast of 16-1 and are sized .4615 and lubed with a beeswax/olive oil lube. If you're using the Lee bullet Start at 55V gr (by Volume) and work up to 70V gr in 5V gr increments. The full 70V gr charge is the best in my TDs with …Compressing black powder Hi: Can't figure out how to start a new thread so I need to quote this one. This is my first time on shooters forum and my first time trying to reload black powder cases. I have loaded four 45-70 black powder cases for use in a reproduction Sharps, using 2f KiK in Star Line brass, throwing a 525 Grain cast bullet.Everyone, I'm looking for reloading suggestions for the 45 Long Colt & 45-70. I really have no interest in reloading anything else at this point. Guns: 45 Long Colt: #1: Ruger new model Blackhawk (new) #2: Marlin 1894 (new) 45-70: #1: Marlin 1895 (new) I am looking for: #A: Reloading manuals, not recipes, so I can refer back to them (OA length, primer depth, etc.) #B: Easily to find components ...Instagram:https://instagram. wall street journal barron We are excited to introduce our new low pressure " Black Powder Equivalent " 45-70 loads, via popular customer demand. These " BPE " loads are safe to use in " Trap Door " actions, assuming the action is in normal operating condition. Original (1873) 45-70 Govt. ammo was released to the military, in the military rifle of the day, which was the Springfield model 1873.Jan 1, 2012 · I just test fired my 45/70 with 3 different powders and there seemed to be quite a difference in accuracy. Shooting a 400 gr FP. I'm not looking for specific load data just want to know if one powder shoots better than the rest. Of the 3 it tried, 2400 shot the cleanest and most accurate. I'm not... dormant n Dec 7, 2018. 19. 4. Jan 16, 2019. #1. I am shooting a Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70. I just started reloading some of my rounds and started with 325 gr Hornady FTX bullets using H335 starting load 61 grains. Shot them and got the reloading bug. So I went out and bought 300 Gr Jacketed bullets (the only ones the store had left as they were out of ... captain eddie 2002. Remarks: max load; 39,400 cup. .45-70 Government (Lever Actions) (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 56 loads. Using bullets from Sierra HP, Hornady JRN, Speer JFP. Powders include IMR, Hodgdon. danlwd fylm swpr kharjy 45-70 data for 1886 Winchester and 1895 Marlin only. 400gr #2 alloy Unique 13.7grs start 1154fps 17100cup Unique 16.5grs MAX 1286fps 27300cup No fiber wad or filler is designated for this recipe. 420gr #2 alloy Unique 11.0grs start 1006fps 16800cup Unique 13.5grs MAX 1163fps 27200cup Use 1/2gr polyester fiber wad 5/8"square x 1/4" thick over ...45-70 GOVERNMENT (LEVER ACTIONS)* Case: Hornady Twist: 1:20.000" Primer: Winchester Large Rifle Barrel Length: 24.000" Trim Length 2.040" cintia cocio 20 Nov 2022 ... ... the pressure level that you are loading at. The ammo that I was using in this video is not safe to shoot in every 45-70 chambered rifle. ostesa eu_guide_pl.pdf 45 SPFN Weight (grains) 400 Ballistic Coefficient 0.259 Sectional Density 0.272 COAL Tested 2.540" Speer Part No. 2479 Propellant Case Primer Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (feet/sec) Weight (grains) Alliant AR-Comp Winchester CCI 200 53.0 1803 56.0 Hodgdon H335 Winchester CCI 250 54.0 1724 58.0 Accurate 2015 Winchester CCI 200 48.0 1685 … alt yazi erotik Handloader. Mar 6, 2017. 3,528. 3,070. Before this primer crunch hit, 5744 was high on the list to do some testing in reduced loads. At some point I'll get around to it. I remember reading somewhere that it's an excellent powder for 45-70 in normal loads. Be interesting to see how it does for you Guy. Jun 7, 2021.Here are the loads that actually work for me, in my 45-70 BFR with a 7.5" barrel at 30F and 5800' elevation. 45 grains of Varget (started at 40, worked up. Max is 55 grains or so compressed) 2.530" COAL with a medium crimp in the last cannelure. Great accuracy, hard hitting, low recoil load.Just a light sprinkling of the rust-colored spice in the path of the ants is all it takes to keep them away! Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest View All Guides Late... kwn chaq Black-powder, big-bore rifles are (left to right): a modern Winchester Model 1886 .45-70, original Winchester 1886 .45-90 and an original Marlin Model 1881 .45-70. Back in the heyday of black-powder cartridges - say, from 1865 to 1895 - in order to make rifles hit harder, there were two options: make the calibers bigger or make the ... psr kwny The powder produced good accuracy and velocity with bullets cast from an RCBS 45-405-FN mould and fired in a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun .45-70. These bullets fired slightly at a velocity above 1,600 fps are pretty much at full-power from the Marlin’s 18.5-inch barrel – stiff recoil verified it. Extreme velocity spread was 12 fps. A-2230 sks mzdwj Specific Light Loads - 45/70. I've been dipping in and out of this fine forum for number of years now, but this is my first posting. I'm looking for advice & suggestions regarding the loading of three types of bullets in my Marlin GG 45-70, but using the same powder for both. I realise that the point of impact and chamber pressures will be ... t mobile insider code Joined: Mon Sep 03, 2007 9:43 pm. Location: Southern California. by Old Savage » Tue Apr 29, 2008 9:24 pm. Here is a vote for the large rifle primer. The smallest group with my Marlin 45-70s was with a Winchester WLR, 25.0 gr of 2400 and a Speer 400 for 7/16" at 100 yds for 3 shots. Other groups were also very good.The full name of their new cartridge, the 45-70-405, respectively referred to its bullet diameter, black powder weight, and original bullet weight. 45-70 proved capable of consistently hitting 4” targets at 100 yards or 6’ targets at 600 yards, making it useful for sharpshooting and volley fire alike. Effective Range of the 45-70